Friday, April 8, 2011

Where to buy mont blanc pen online

If you would like to buy Mont Blanc Pen, it is always wise to check for the Mont Blanc Pens Reviews There are a lot of websites which sell MontBlanc pens online like All models may not be available in the store by the time you search online. Recheck after sometime or contact customer care at official Montblanc website for better information.

The main thing to consider while buying Mont Blanc pen is to check whether the pen is original or duplicate of Montblanc. (Refer: How to identify Mont Blanc Pen). If you have any queries related to the pen you want to buy, please contact the online customer support. You may also contact the customer care at official Montblanc website, they are very good and quick in responding to customer queries.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

how to identify mont blanc pen

As Montblanc Pen is a very famous writing instrument and well known for its brand, few manufacturers try to manufacture the replicas of Montblanc Pens. People are very curious to know the difference between original and duplicate (replica) of Montblanc. There are few tips to recognize the original one:

  • The best way to identify is with serial number. Genuine Montblanc pen will have a serial number on the ring with a clip attached to it
  • Out of all the products, the most replicated product is Mont Blanc Meisterstuck  
  • New editions will have the words "pix" and "Montblanc" engraved on the pen.
  • Genuine Montblanc Pens glow like a torch-light in darkness.


Friday, January 28, 2011

mont blanc pens blog

Montblanc is German based company famous for manufacturing luxurious products such as Mont Blanc Pens, watches and perfumes. The name MontBlanc came after the name simplo fuller. It started manufacturing fountain pens and later it came up various models of writing instruments like Rollerball, Fine-liner, Document Markers and mechanical pencils.

The various models available are:
  • Mont Blanc Meisterstuck
  • Mont Blanc Boheme
  • Mont Blanc Starwalker
  • Etoile De Mont Blanc
  • Mont Blanc John Lennon
  • Mont Blanc Ingrid Bergman
  • Mont Blanc Merlene Dietrich
  • Mont Blanc Greta Garbo

The name put to each pen is the name of the famous actors and actresses.

Reference: Mont Blanc Pens